Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Anusham Star Temple

ஸ்ரீ லக்ஷ்மிபுரீஸ்வரர் கோவில் 

Sri Lakshmipureeshwarar Temple - Thirininriyur

Each of the 27 birth Nakshatras are associated with a temple and the temple which I visited is the Anusham star temple known as Sri Lakshmipureeshwarar temple.People born under this star will benefit greatly if they worship here atleast once a year, particularly on the day of Anusham, which falls every 27 days(Check Panjangam for current year).This temple is located at Thirininriyur, which is about 6.5 kms from Vaitheeshwaran koil on the way to Mayiladudurai or Mayavaram.


Thirininriyur(Thiri-wick;ninriyur-place it was put off). According to history, a Chola king used to pass through Thirininriyur after worshipping at the Sirkali temple. Whenever he passed through this place, the lamps he carried were put off. Intrigued by this, the king went to see the reason behind this strange phenomenon. On the way he saw Kamadhenu coming down from the sky.Eager to see it, the king slashed his way through the bushes using his sword.He was stopped on his way when his sword was obstructed by something and on lifting it, the king was dismayed to find it covered in blood. In his frantic attempt to reach Kamadhenu he had slashed at a Shiva Lingam.The dent he made on the Shiva Lingam can be seen even to this day. This Shiva Lingam is one of the 64 Swayambhu Lingams(something which originated on it's own).The king built a temple at this spot which is now the Sri Lakshmipureeshwarar temple at Thirininriyur.

It is said that Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Vishnu worshipped Lord Shiva here and that Lord Shiva granted Lakshmi the boon to eternally be in Lord Vishnu's heart, hence the name Lakshmipureeshwarar.

There are also separate shrines for Vinayaka,Murugan,Mahalakshmi,Navagrahas,Bhairavar,Chandran and a Shiva Lingam which is said to have been worshipped by Parasurama.

This temple is maintained by the Dharmapuram Adhinam. It is sad to know that this beautiful temple  is not known to many and has very few visitors. Temples like these are our heritage and it would be great if many people knew about them and visited them. We must not allow such temples to be forgotten.

There are no shops in this village so buy offerings to the Lord from Vaitheeshwaran koil or take them from your house.

This is the cute little dog that lives in the temple. Bring something to eat for this adorable creature whenever you visit this temple.

Other temples nearby:

Vaitheeshwaran koil

Boarding and lodging:

Since this is a very small village, stay at Vaitheeshwaran koil.

Temple timings:

6AM to 12PM and 4PM to 8PM.

Temple contact:

Subramaniya Gurukkal
Phone number: 04364320520.


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  1. thank you very much.today i had very good darshan.i got down at vaitheeswaran kovil purchased archana articles and went by auto rickshaw by paying rs 150 including waiting.but we all have to do some uzavarap pani (maintanance).pl inform all.