Wednesday, October 19, 2011

 Tips for a great garden

Here are some great tips to spruce up your garden.

1.Snip plants regularly so that they do not become very bushy and unmanagable. This also
ensures the growth of new shoots which helps keep your garden perpetually green and
pleasant to look at.

2.Place a little pond in your garden and plant water lillies or lotuses. These plants give rise
to lots of algal growth in your ponds so buy some little fish and put them in it.They will keep
your pond clean by eating the algae so, there is no need for you to manually clean the pond. Keep the pond a bit elevated to avoid little children from falling into it.

3.Encourage all sorts of creatures in your garden such as garden lizards.
 These creatures help balance your garden's ecosystem.If you do this you don't have to worry   about a bug infestation.

4.A garden is good to look at only when it is full of colourful flowers.Grow plants such as santan, white angels,yellow bells and Euphorbia so that your garden is in full bloom all
year around.

5.Place plants around your garden in a orderly manner. It gives your garden a neat look.

6.Have border plants in your lawn.Border plants add contrast to your otherwise all green lawn.

7.Just a lawn and a flower bed is not enough for a garden.Plant trees strategically around your garden.Trees provide a lot of shade and little garden plants thrive in the shade.They also ensure that your garden does not look dull and parched in the harsh summers.Trees such as the bottle brush tree also add ornamental value to your garden.

8. Your garden should be such that it attracts birds and squirrel.Multi coloured birds and cute squirrels give life to your garden.A sure way of attracting these creatures is to have lots of trees in your garden as trees act as nesting grounds for them.Birds also build nests in hanging pots so place them around your garden. Have a bird bath in your garden.The bird bath should be such that it has flowing water because birds are attracted by flowing water rather than still water.Place shallow bowls with nuts and cereal in your garden to feed them. Once these creatures like your garden they surely will settle down there for many generations so be friendly to them.

Having a great garden has many vital advantages. It helps keep your homes cool during summer.It increases oxygen levels around your house.It is also relaxing to look at and walk around a flower filled garden so have a great garden and a good life.

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