Sunday, January 15, 2012

What is life???


All of us, at some point or other in our lives might have really tried hard to find the answer to one of the most difficult questions in the world. What is life? I sincerely doubt that anyone would have found out the answer.But there might be some exceptions to this, who knows there is always an exception to everything.

Life as we know it, is very difficult to understand for us mere mortals. It is so complicated. It makes us experience a deadly cocktail of emotions every passing second. From mind numbing happiness to heart wrenching sadness and everything between, it is really a miracle that we survive each day.

Everything in life is both new and old. One might at some point think that he has seen everything in his life but suddenly something might pop out of nowhere and take him completely by surprise. That moment of utter surprise is life.

Life is not always a bed of roses. It has many a hidden thorn which catches you completely unawares the moment you get comfortable in that bed. There is no such thing as happy life. A life of both happiness and sadness is life.

When life seems so sad and dull and every endeavour seems to fail, we find the solution in life itself. We find a reason to live, a reason to get out of bed every morning and smile a happy smile. It can be as simple as the joy of seeing the rising sun or seeing the smile on a loved one’s face. Life always gives us a reason to live. That is life.

Life is what we make it out to be. It is either good or bad but never worse. Once we realize this, we might surely get an idea as to what life is. We might never truly understand our mysterious lives. All we can do is experience it, keeping in mind that life is not always a bitter pill given by a psychotic doctor called fate.


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